Our Faith

Through God's Word revealed in the Bible & experience of new life through His Son, we believe:

  1. God is Light. He is Good, Great, Awesome, Indescribable, Everlasting, Almighty & Reigns over all ! None above. None compares. The One who alone is worthy of all Glory & Praise !
  2. "The LORD our God is One". 
  3. Jesus said "I and My Father are One", proving Himself to be "God with us" in the flesh.
  4. The Holy Spirit is also God. Proceeding from The Father, by His Son, in an everlasting and perfect unity.
  5. The Bible is God-breathed; expressed in text, yet Living through the Spirit of God. As it is God's Word, it is the infallible foundation for all we can "KNOW" as fallible humans.
  6. Jesus Christ is the promised & prophesied Messiah of Israel. Born of virgin Mary, fully divine, taking on flesh, yet without sin.
  7. Jesus Christ gave His life on the cross, paying in FULL the price required to offer complete salvation and forgiveness of sin to all who believe in Him. Sin washed away. Death defeated. Victory in His Name.
  8. Sinners can be justified by God (proclaimed "righteous") & reconciled to Him (re-united with God), solely by the Grace of God, through the Gift of Faith in Jesus Christ. Nothing of us.
  9. God's Holy Spirit unites us with Jesus Christ through new birth, empowers our growth & drives our love, bearing fruit in & through us.
  10. Our Risen King will return again to fulfil the purposes of God and raise all to judgement... bringing the Gift of eternal life to His redeemed people and eternal condemnation to the lost. Through this amazing victory, there will be a new heaven and new earth established forever !

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