Who We Are

We are a collection of believers in Jesus Christ (from many cultures, races & backgrounds) who gather in Tottenham, North London. We are united by faith in our Saviour and grounded in His Truth expressed through The Bible. We love to see new visitors and invite all to join us as we dive deeper into God's Living Word, and explore faith together. Whether you're simply having a look or have discovered for yourself what it means to walk with Jesus, we welcome you to pop by.  

Explore Our History

Pastor Gavin Childress

Gavin has been our pastor, here at Grace Chapel, for 30 years and counting. 

God has faithfully kept and upheld him throughout his ministry.

From the planting to the fruit, we praise God for the joys of seeing His Gospel bring life & light with power unto salvation.

Find out more on our history of pastors and how Gavin became minister here.

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