We're able to meet back in the Chapel again!

We aim to take these next steps with great care, carrying out all necessary precautions in line with the latest government guidelines. Strict social distancing (2 metres), sanitisation, and a one-way system throughout the building are among a number of measures we are taking to minimise all potential risk.


Sunday Morning, 10:45am: In Chapel + Livestream
Sunday Evening, 6pm: In Chapel + Livestream
Tuesday Discussion, 6:30pm: In Chapel
Tuesday Bible Study, 7:30pm: In Chapel + Livestream
Friday Devotional, 12 noon: Livestream


1. Sunday Morning Service (10:45am)

We are pleased to announce that we will now be meeting on Sunday morning's in the Chapel for a weekly service, to be live-streamed online (for any who cannot attend). As always, all are welcome for this service!

When meeting at the Chapel: We will maintain 2-metre social distancing, with chairs spaced accordingly. Please bring a mask and a Bible, and prepare to sanitise hands on arrival (with antibacterial hand gel provided). We will follow a one-way system with clearly marked directions throughout the building. Following the service, we simply request that everyone head outside the Chapel for any further conversation or fellowship.

Please call Pastor Gavin (07941 154 651) if you need further details.

2. Sunday Evening Service (6pm)

We hope to meet at the Chapel on Sunday evenings for a time of worship and a short sermon, followed by Communion at 6pm.

Measures: We will maintain 2-metre social distancing, with chairs spaced accordingly. There is no need to bring bread or wine as this will be served by one person using gloves and a mask. We will hear a short message, so you may want to bring a Bible. Following the service, some may wish to stay for some socially distanced fellowship.

Taking Communion: As it is a communion service, the taking of bread and wine will be open to anyone who is a born again believer, baptised (by full immersion) and walking with The LORD and His people. If this is not true of you, we encourage you to come along anyway and watch!

Please call Pastor Gavin (07941 154 651) if you need further details or if you get lost.

 3. Tuesday Evening Discussion (6:30pm)

We meet back at the Chapel for our weekly topical discussion. We welcome you to join the (socially distanced) circle as we focus in on a relevant theme with opportunity to share questions and thoughts.

Please bring a mask for this time, as we will be indoors due to the cold weather.

4. Tuesday Evening Bible Study (7:30pm)

 We welcome you back into the Chapel building again for our midweek Bible Study. This is a chance to hear God's Word and worship together, followed by some on-screen questions for discussion.

The first Tuesday of each month will be set aside as a time of prayer for revival, with a shorter message and opportunity for those in the Chapel to pray. Those who choose to do so will be heard on our YouTube livestream, but out of view.

Please wear a mask for this service. You may also want to bring a Bible.

Refreshments (tea, coffee etc.) should be provided following this service.